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Graduation Celebrations


We put together Graduation packages & selections that will make this special celebration fun and easy!



The Bachelor | $8.95 per person (min. 10)

Great combination presentation of the following:

  • Lump Chicken salad stuffed croissant
  • Albacore Tuna stuffed in petite Bakery Knot Rolls
  • Smoked Turkey & Gouda Wrap
  • Steamed Corn Beef on Marble Rye Bun
  • Steamship Roast Beef on Mini Baguettes
  • Baked Hickory Ham & Cheddar Seeded Buns
  • Roasted Breast of Turkey on Egg Knot Roll. 
(may substitute many vegetarian choices).
    • Includes Caesar Salad and Pesto Pasta Salad.


The Masters | $10.95 per person(min. 10)

Our Epicurean Baguette selection (Select 4):

  • These delectable delicious Sandwiches include Grilled Chicken and Pesto; Portobello & Artichoke; Steamed Corned Beef & Pommery Mustard; Roast Beef, Boursin & Grilled Onion; Grilled Teriyaki Salmon, Mozzarella & Tomato with Balsamic; Curried Chicken Salad; all displayed on French Baguettes.
  • All Accompanied with our Little Italy Salad, Sun dried tomato, penne pasta salad* *Other salads available


The Scholar | $9.75 per person

“Best Chicken Pasta Salad Ever” our Rotisserie pulled chicken, Penne Pasta, add Asparagus pieces, Parmesan Cheese, Grapes, fresh dill weed with a touch of sour cream, and lite mayo, and season to perfection,

      • served with Garden Salad, choice of dressings, knot rolls & butter


The Alumnus |$12.95 per person(min. 15)

Hot dinner Spiral Ham & Fried Chicken*

  • One finest tender bone in Spiral Ham finished off with our special Dijon Maple glaze, cut off the bone for easy serving
  • “Baltimore’s Best” Maryland fried chicken including breast, wings, legs & thighs
  • All served with Garlic Red Skin mashed potatoes & seasoned fresh String Beans Buttermilk Biscuits & hush puppies honey & butter *Also available oven fried.


The Collegian |$11.50 per person (min. 15)

Make your own Falafel platter, crisp house made Falafels, with Pita Pockets

  • Outrageous hummus, chopped tomato, cucumbers, lettuce, red onion
  • Roasted Red Peppers, lemon Tahini Sauce, accompanied by Tabouli wheat Salad and Sun dried tomato & Feta penne pasta salad


The Doctorate | $17.95 per person

A variety of International tastes for our honored graduate:

  • Anti Pasta — fine assortment of freshly marinated vegetables, Italian & Greek Olives, cheeses of Feta, Italian Mozzarella, & Danish Yarlsberg, Pepperoni and Proscuitto sticks served with variety of mustards, and house made herbal Focaccia
  • Hot Crab Dip a true Maryland tradition Lump Backfin crab, folded with mixture of spices and cheese “Ours is the Best” served with Garlic Pita chips & crisp sliced Baguette.
  • Firecracker Chicken Bites — Crispy Hot, Boneless Chicken Breast bites, prepared with the kick of Jackie Chan and the authority of General Tso.
  • HQ Cocktail Sandwiches — Kansas City style herb crusted Beef Tenderloin, and New Orleans style Lump Shrimp Salad. Presented on silver dollar petite buns.


Below is a special selection of other Go-With for your celebration


Hot Crab Dip | $3.50 per person (min. 10)

Backfin Crab meat folded in our outrageous mixture of assorted cheese and special blending of spice to create this all-Maryland treat. Served with Fresh Baguette slices, garlic pita chips and crunch flat breads. 


Bountiful Fresh Fruit Display | $2.75 per person (min. 15)

In the ” Biddle Street” tradition, your fruit display will be created with a dramatic and statuesque hand carved presentation of fresh seasonal fruits and melons decorated with a color coordinated array of flowers and greens, to delight and astonish your guests.

The display is filled with an assortment of cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, strawberries, juicy sweet grapes, apples, pineapples, oranges, and other fruits. 
This display will be personalized with the graduate’s name hand carved into watermelon rind.


Vegetables In Bloom |$2.75 per person (min 10)

Julienne cut Carrots, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes,and a host of other fresh vegetables of the season. Served with a Roasted Red Pepper Dip and Spinach Dip.

Bruschetta Bar |$2.95 per person (min. 20)

The flavors of the Mediterranean is presented with this display of fresh grilled herbal breads brushed with olive oil served with outrageous toppings such as Tapenade, Hummus and Tomato Pomadore, also served with an assortment of olives, marinated peppers, and pepperoncini.

Duo of Wings  |$2.95 per person (min. 10)

Our meaty chicken wing pieces prepared fresh as you like: (Choose 2 styles) Traditional, Buffalo, BBQ, Asian Firecracker or Teriyaki.



Enhance you party with our special Add On’s Served Room Temperature

  • Shrimp Cocktail Torte – Multilayered Neufchatel cheese, freshly Steamed Shrimp, and vibrant cocktail sauce producing the classical flavor and unique look, served with flatbreads, and artisan crackers.     -$2.45 per person (min. 20)
  • Baked Brie with Raspberry en croute     -$2.25 per person (min. 15)
  • Smoked Salmon Display Exquisite presentation of Smoked Norwegian Salmon with capers, chopped egg, onion, Pommery mustard. marble cocktail rye     -$3.95 per person (min. 10)
  • Garlic crusted Tenderloin Crostini w/Horseradish cream     -$4.25 per person (min. 20)
  • Served warm Hawaiian Style Beef Meatballs     -$2.50/2-per person (min. 15)
  • Dim Sum (3 types dumplings w/dipping sauce)     -$2.50 2-per person (min. 20)
  • Hot Mexican Dip (Seven Layers) with fresh cooked tri-color tortillas 
     -$2.50 per person (min. 15)

Desserts — Easy to serve

Deluxe Cookies Basket

Includes Double chocolate reverse, raspberry pinwheels, Almond & Pine nut, Lemon butter, Berger Style choc cookie, Carmel nut, etc. $2.15 per person (min. 10)

Pick up French Desert Sampler

Includes, Assortment of petit fours, fruit tartlet’s, raspberry fudge truffles, banana cream tarts, chocolate éclairs, chocolate dipped strawberries, Lemon cream Bites, Grand Mariner Brownies, Chocolate mousse cups $3.95 per person (min. 10).

Famous Pimlico Cake

Four layers of soft yellow cake, rich pastry custard, and covered with chocolate fudge icing; it can be served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Inscribed with the graduate’s name

Cake $3.75 per person (min. 15) ice cream add $.75 per person